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Welcome to Not Affiliated

We are a small community formed of Guild and Clan's from various games. We can be found on Rust, Soldier Front 2, World of Warcraft, Warframe, Star Wars: The Old Republic. We also are home to a guild from

We are actively recruiting on all our games, you can apply for a specific clan and or guild in our recruitment section.

Read below a few brief summaries of some of the groups.

World of Warcraft

[Admin] Definite Admin posted Feb 13, 15

Server: Proudmoore
Faction: Horde
Guild: Maniacal Degree

Hello World of Warcraft Players!

Maniacal Degree is currently recruiting for our raiding team.

We are currently looking for experienced and active players to fill some gaps in our current raiding team and increase our roster from its original 10M to 20M for Future Mythic Progression. Players should know their classes and how to respond in certain situations and maintain a positive attitude, when in the face of defeat (wipes).

I would both like to invite those of you looking to join a semi-hardcore progression based guild to take a moment and review our requirements, raid times and needs to see if they suit you. You are welcome to come hangout with us and meet the group as well.

As a group, we are aware that gear alone does not make a player, skill is also important, knowing how to play your class to the best of its ability, and being able to adapt to sudden changes in your class when new patches hit. We strive to do our best as a group, and help those within our team improve. It's encouraged that players take time to improve their gear outside of our raiding times if possible.

Our group is quite close knit, many of us have been raiding together for months, and have years of experience under our belts. We are a more casual raiding group currently, as we recruit a more active player base for our guild, 10M raiding will continue like normal, as we increase our raid team, we will invite PUG's to fill in any holes, to allow those new to be able to raid with us, outside the 10M Team.

Our current needs are as followed listed in priority and updated as needed: (If you feel you're an exceptional player, please contact me anyways, just because we have not listed your class/specialization does not mean we will reject you, because we are always looking for talented raiders)

Paladin (High)
Monk (High)
DK (Low)

Resto Druid (High)
Resto Shaman (High)
Holy Paladin (High)
MW Monk (Med)
Priest (Low)

Mage (High)
Balance Druid (High)
Rogue (High)
Shaman (High)
Hunter (High)
Monk (Med)

Raid Times
Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM PST

Loot System (Beta)
Master Loot
1 Win Per Boss.
(If you roll on butcher and win, you will be opt out from the following bosses loot)
This system is currently be adjusted to allow our members to gear up fully for the latest content.

Teamspeak (+Mics)
Willingness to work as a team.
Ability to take criticism and learn.

Recommended Addons
DBM or BigWigs BossMods
Recount / Skada Damage Meter

What else do we offer?

Group of experienced raiders from many expansions.
A friendly, fun, easy-going group of players who enjoy playing the game with each other.
A social environment. (Guild Events, PVP, Questing, etc)



TeamSpeak 3

Welcome Ninja Muffins!

[Admin] Definite Admin posted Feb 13, 15

Hello Ninja Muffin's Members!

Welcome to Not-Affiliated - I know many of you are and where reluctant to take time and register on the website, but I wanted to point out a few perks that are beneficial to the clan as well as the members.
Constantly availability to information.
The forums on Not-Affiliated provide an area where clan information can be posted and shared. it doesn't ever disappear unless its invalid information (and inappropriate) or unless the poster requests its deletion.
Guides - On the forum we can post our own guides for attacks and defences - providing strategies that allow our members to improve their game play.
Share information! - Attack replays - Images - Advice - and more. You can upload video's, images and more so clan members can access them!
Going to be away for a few days? Best way to let people know is post where they can see it for sure.
Stay in touch with people while outside the clan - whether in Ninja Muffins, Ninja Bagels - Ninja Waffles or Breakfast Wars - the forum is constantly available to everyone.
Well thats all for now.
Hope to see you around the game and forums.
- Definite (Phyxios)
Hello everyone!

Here at Not-Affiliated we have a small growing community, and a promising future if we keep on top of things with the website & our forum. This involves Clan & Guild Event's, Community involvement (Involvement with other members), and Forum Activity.

I introduced the Point System onto our website in mid November 2013, the Point System is a way to keep track of website activity, and contributions towards our website.

The current ways to earn points are as follows. (Rough Estimate - $1 = 100 Points)
  • Donating 30 Days Advanced Day's = 900 Points + 30 Days VIP (contact me if you add over 30 days and I will adjust your points & VIP manually)
  • Donating $9 towards the TeamSpeak = 900 Points + 30 Days VIP (contact me if you add over $9 and I will adjust your points & VIP manually)
  • User has reached 10 positive votes on a post = 50 Points.
  • Each Post/Thread made = 2 Point.
  • Every 250 posts = 900 Points
  • User signs up and becomes a registered user on the forum = 100 Points.

The current ways to lose points are as follows.

Negative 100 Points
  • Not visiting the website for 30 days.
  • 25 negative post votes.

Custom Point's Lost based on Punishment/Warn. (1 - ∞ )
(This amount can/will vary from user to user, punishment to punishment)

What is V.I.P?

V.I.P stands for Very Important Person.
V.I.P will be tagged onto users who have helped and contributed towards the website, these users are crucial to the success and the development of Not-Affiliated. Without these user's this website never would of made it past Day 1.

Why do I want V.I.P?

There is nothing saying you want V.I.P, other than to stand out amongst the members of the website, and be able to proudly say you contributed to the success of Not-Affiliated, and it's future development.

Why does V.I.P Expire?

V.I.P expires in a way to promote continued activity within the forum.
V.I.P will become permanent after so many contributions in the forum.

What contributions? What amount donated?

These will remain confidential until further notice, in regards to allowing the users some privacy within their action's in the forum.

How can I earn V.I.P in other ways besides the ones listed above?

You can earn V.I.P by simply being active in the forum, Posting Guides and Tutorials, and helping other users with their problems in the general help section of the forum (but we do count your posts everywhere as well)

Every 500 posts V.I.P is earned for 30 days.

If you have any more questions or concerns please contact me via pm, or using the contact form.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy the new updates!

- Definite


Hello Not-Affiliated Rust Server Players!

Port: 28095

Over the few days our game server provider will be taking the opportunity to upgrade the server hardware in their Chicago Data Centre. These enhancements will improve server performance, reduced exposure to DDoS attacks and from their testing, improved ping times. 

The following outlines how this change will be managed.
• The game server will be transferred to upgraded server hardware in the Data Centre.
The IP and Port for the game server will change.
• The transfer will not be completed during US Primetime hours. They will not be moving any services between the hours of 4:00PM Friday afternoon to 01:00AM Monday morning.
• There will be no data loss from this, everything including saves will be moved.

They will provide us with advance notification prior to this transfer taking place. Specifically
• Consider this as notification the server will be transferred within the next 7 days.
• I will receive a second email detailing when the transfer will take place. This email will provide us with 24 hours notice prior to the commencement of the transfer window. The transfer window is 24 hours long. This means the server transfer may be completed in as little as 24 hours and at most 48 hours after receiving this second email.
• I will receive a third email once the transfer has been completed detailing the new server IP and port.

I will continue to post updates as I am notified. This post will be edited and have the new IP and PORT attached at the top once we receive it.

If you have any questions please contact me.

February 2015